Margot’s Coat


Camel Coat: MONKI Leopard Print Boots: ASOS Joni Skinny Jeans: TOPSHOP Badges: ANDSMILE STUDIO via RED DOOR GALLERY others detailed below


My good friend Bekah took some pictures of me the other day, saying I should post an OOTD in what I was wearing. It was an off day, wearing skinnies with my leopard print ankle boots and my VERY lived in camel coat. I asked – why? So others can see the jacket I’ve lived in since the day I got it?


If you know me personally, the camel coat has become my identifier. Inspired by Margot Tenenbaum, I bought it on a whim alongside a regrettable tennis dress and a cropped bob haircut that shortly followed. Margot, now takes pride of place on my lapel alongside a Monorail Music (http://www.monorail badge and a Feministy badge I got when I went to Megan Ford’s (twitter @TheMeganFord) comedy show at the Edinburgh fringe last year, which should probably give you a clue to how old this coat is becoming.

Oversized, lightweight, and briefly used as a sleeping bag, my darling (albeit tatty) coat has seen me through every season – which if you’re familiar with Billy Connolly and his summary of Scottish weather, you’ll know means both winter and July.

This may just be the longest relationship I’ve had. Thank you Monki, here’s to many more!

x Y

7 thoughts on “Margot’s Coat

  1. avinamdar says:

    Nice outfit. You’re going to make a great fashion blogger no doubt! You’re also quite pretty, a sight for sore eyes, will surely look forward to your posts…. Haha 😉😛


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