Would you believe these culottes set me back less than a tenner? Sometimes the best outfits are the comfiest: and with monochromatic outfits still going strong, it’s also an outfit that I feel stylish in. 

Collaborations are often difficult, despite the abrupt assertions of Vanilla Ice who suggests you merely need to stop the listen in order to be a successful collaborator. 

Myself and my friend have always conversed about creating something together, before we had created a blog which never really gained its wings. But now, a few years older and wiser we have started a real conversation about collaborating with one another and are making active steps to make it happen and it. is. wonderful. 

As far as progress goes, it means my own personal project here has slowed down a little. But I assure you, not going anywhere. I’ve added a new part of my blog entitled “essays” which I hope to put my personal thoughts on current issues. I also can’t wait to upload reviews on books I read this spring. 

All in all, it’s time to get in gear for summer: with lots of exciting projects, I won’t allow myself to be bored. Or far from any books.

x YM 

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